Voor- en nadelen: Goedkope zonnebrillen vs. designer zonnebrillen

Today, the sun’s rays do a lot of damage to our bodies, especially our eyes around 7 am. Have you not noticed that you look directly at the sun without sunglasses? It is painful and it can overwork our eyes which will lead to certain eye ailments. Is it necessary to opt for more expensive designer sunglasses? What are actually the pros and cons of cheap sunglasses versus designer brand sunglasses?

Sunglasses to protect our eyes

It is of the utmost importance that everyone wears something to protect their eyes. The reason for this is not to be fashionable or to want to keep up with the latest fashions. The main reason to wear sunglasses is to keep our eyes healthy and away from certain eye diseases. Too much eye exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause severe eye damage. Sunglasses are the same as sunscreen, the sole purpose of which is to block the UV rays.

Now many people think that buying designer sunglasses is the best choice, while others buy cheap even counterfeit sunglasses as they are much cheaper compared to  fashion sunglasses . The bottom line is which sunglasses provide better protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

Before jumping to conclusions, you should first keep in mind which sunglasses offer better protection or not.

You may be wondering what UV rays are. They are rays of the sun that are harmful to both your eyes and your skin. The fact that you have come into contact with the sun for the first time does not mean that the effect of the rays will be immediately noticeable. The longer and the more often you have been in contact with UV rays, the worse your eyesight, or you will suffer from cataracts or macular degeneration.

Difference between expensive and cheap sunglasses

You don’t have to buy very expensive sunglasses to protect your eyes. There are other cheap sunglasses you can buy that offer better protection.

Comparing cheap and designer sunglasses:

  • Cheap sunglasses allow you to buy different styles for the same amount you buy with designer glasses.
  • Cheap sunglasses, especially cheap counterfeit sunglasses, do not last long because they are made of poor quality materials.
  • Designer sunglasses provide better protection for your eyes
  • Branded sunglasses are cool and hip, which are a trend these days.
  • They have a higher quality compared to cheap sunglasses.

Now, just because the other one is very expensive compared to the other one doesn’t mean it offers better protection. Most sunglasses manufacturers put a sticker on the lenses that indicates the percentage of UV blocking. If the labeling blocks 99 percent UVB and 95 percent UVA, then those are the right kind of sunglasses that will help protect your eyes. Always double check that the protection is clearly stated on the sunglasses. If you don’t see them or are unsure, don’t buy them as some sunglasses that don’t provide this protection can double the damage to your eyes.

In that regard, there are many more pros and cons of cheap sunglasses, which we will get into in future blogs.